The Low Down On Preservatives In Our Products

Toliver’s Handmade – Natural & Naturally Derived Skin Care One of my main missions is to use natural and naturally derived ingredients. Many of these will be ingredients that you can pronounce. These ingredients have a whole host of benefits. So, what about preservatives? Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol – What Are They?   You may […]

Woman exfoliating with sugar scrub

Sugar Scrub – Unleash Your Summer Glow

Summer is right around the corner. Is your skin ready?

During the summer months, soft, touchable skin is in high demand and there is no better way to unleash your summer glow than exfoliating with our emulsified sugar scrub in your favorite scent.

Mother and son wash hands

Hand Hygiene During a Global Pandemic – Soap Matters

In light of the global pandemic, there has been an increased focus on hand hygiene, and for a good reason. Hand hygiene is critical in preventing the spread of infection.

In 1860, Florence Nightingale demonstrated an early awareness of the effectiveness of hand washing writing that nurses should wash their hands frequently throughout the day. Before Florence brought attention to the importance of good hand hygiene, no one, not even nurses and doctors routinely washed their hands…