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Hand Hygiene During a Global Pandemic – Soap Matters

Hand Hygiene During a Global Pandemic: Why Do Soap Ingredients Matter?

Increased Focus on Hand Hygiene

In light of the global pandemic, there has been an increased focus on hand hygiene, and for a good reason. Hand hygiene is critical in preventing the spread of infection. In 1860, Florence Nightingale demonstrated an early awareness of the effectiveness of hand washing writing that nurses should wash their hands frequently throughout the day. Before Florence brought attention to the importance of good hand hygiene, no one, not even nurses and doctors routinely washed their hands.

Picking a Soap – Does It Matter?

To say that handwashing is very important is an understatement, but picking the right soap to practice good hand hygiene can be tricky. Antibacterial soaps were heavily promoted for years, but studies have shown that there are no added health benefits from using antibacterial soap, except for professionals in healthcare settings. In fact, in 2016, the FDA banned over-the-counter sale of antibacterial soaps containing certain ingredients, This included the commonly used  ingredients triclosan and triclocarban because there was no demonstrable evidence that they were safe for long-term daily use and/or more effective than plain soap.  What’s worse is that some studies have even shown that using antibiotic soap may contribute to antibiotic resistance. Yikes! 😱

Soap Ingredients – They’re Not All the Same

Stepping away from the antibacterial issue, there’s another issue to consider. There is a difference between soap and detergent. Most commercial “soaps” aren’t actually soap, but instead are actually detergent. To put it simply, soap is created when there is a reaction between fats and lye. Detergents are synthetic, manmade derivatives. You might notice that some manufacturers use terms like “beauty bar” and “cleansing bar” instead of soap. That is a pretty clear indication that they are not soap, but detergent. Because these commercial detergents are produced with harsh additives, they can be drying leaving skin rough and broken, providing an ideal pathway for infection to enter.

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So, let’s tackle this pandemic and take the time to wash our hands correctly and frequently!

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