Rich Body Whip (Body Butter)

There is no need to suffer through dry skin. Perfect for every season, our rich body whip has a dry touch finish so you can apply it and go on with your day without worrying about being greasy.

Rich, creamy, unrefined shea butter teams up with sunflower oil, cocoa butter, and kokum butter to form a barrier on the skin that not only protects it, but also helps lock in moisture leaving you feeling soft and smooth and smelling divine.

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Scent Descriptions

Banana Nut Bread: A great mix of bananas, nuts, and sweet warm bread.

Blood Orange & Goji Berry: An exotic tropical delight! The tart scent of juicy goji berry blended with deep blood orange. A perfect marriage of fruit and citrus!

Cocoa Butter Cashmere: This is a loving fragrance that comforts and perfectly blends warm, wood and sweet notes. Light spices and cedar wood intertwine with rich vanilla Tonka, warm coconut and jasmine petals over sandalwood, amber, musk. Cocoa butter completes this wonderful essence.

Saturday Mornings: Let nostalgia wash over you as you remember Saturday morning cartoons and a big bowl of cereal. This scent smells just like you opened the box of Fruit Loops.


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