Skin-care Basics: Lightweight Summer Moisturizer

Summer is on its way! Just like you swap your winter clothes, it’s time to swap out your winter skin-care. More specifically, it’s time to swap out your heavy moisturizer for a more lightweight summer moisturizer.

Why Do You Need a Lightweight Summer Moisturizer?

You don’t need a winter coat during the summer and neither does your skin. Like your wardrobe gets lighter, so should your moisturizer. During the warmer months, your skin doesn’t need quite as much hydration and thicker moisturizers can lead to clogged pores, inflammation, and acne, especially in those with oil skin types or those who are acne prone.

Should I Stop Moisturizing During the Summer?

Just because your skin needs less moisture and you may look more oily during the summer it doesn’t mean that you should stop moisturizing. If you do, you might be in for an even oilier surprise. Without regular moisturization, your skin may start overproducing oil leaving you looking greasy and making you more prone to breakouts.

Oil or Water-Based Moisturizers

You can use either. Water based moisturizers are great because they deliver the hydration that your skin so desperately needs. Instead of delivering moisture, oil based moisturizers work by sealing in the moisture, so it is best to either layer them with a water based product or use them on damp skin.

Our Picks

  • Our favorite lightweight summer moisturizer is our Silken Dry Oil Mist. It is super lightweight and absorbs in a flash. Simply apply it right out of the shower to lock in the moisture.
  • Our multipurpose oil is great for moisturizing your hair, skin, and nails. Similar to the Silken Dry Oil Mist, we suggest you apply this to damp skin.
  • If you prefer a water based alternative, try our Luxurious Body Cream. Because it is water based, it doesn’t need to be applied to damp skin.