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  • Bar Soap , Unscented Bar Soaps

    Sea Moss & Turmeric Artisan Soap (Unscented)

    Our sea moss & turmeric artisan soap is a true indulgence for your skin.

    Crafted with care and enriched with nature’s finest ingredients, this unscented soap offers a harmonious blend of sea moss, turmeric, and coconut milk, delivering a spa-like experience with every use.

    Sea moss, also known as Irish moss or carrageen moss, is a nutrient-rich marine plant renowned for its …

  • Bar Soap , Unscented Bar Soaps

    Simple & Gentle Artisan Soap (Unscented)

    Formulated with the finest ingredients, our Simple & Gengle soap is made without the addition of any fragrance or colorants, ensuring a truly unscented and uncolored product. We understand that many individuals have sensitive skin or are simply sensitive to strong scents, which is why we have created this soap to cater to their needs.

    This soap is meticulously crafted using …